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I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you have done with Suvhan. When he was referred for OT I was a bit skeptical and worried. Suvhan is not a very social child and takes time to warm up to people. But from day 1 you guys have been amazing. After the first lesson he showed so much improvement. He loves OT and looks forward to it every week. Even now on lock down he can’t wait to come back.

You guys are caring, compassionate and friendly. You take time with your lessons and make sure the kids are your priority. Even the work sent home is fun and does not even seem like “homework”. You have gone the extra mile with Suvhan which means so much to us. His grades are improving and we have received such positive feedback from school as well. You make learning fun and exciting and he is always talking about you guys. Thank you again for the exceptional service that we as parents have received from you and thank you for all your amazing work you do with Suvhan. We are forever indebted to you guys.