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Strategies to assist with concentration

Listed below are some basic strategies that may assist in developing improved concentration skills in your child:

  • Routine is essential – this includes a regular bedtime! Make sure your child is getting 8 or 9 hours sleep every night.
  • Boundaries are important – having clear expectations of what is required of your child when doing certain tasks.
  • Make sure your child eats a balanced diet. Try to avoid foods that might increase hyperactivity/ reduce focus. During the week, see if you can cut out these foods altogether: sugars; colourants; flavourants; preservatives e.g. sweets, certain cold-drinks; chocolates; crisps; tinned foods etc. Also pay attention to any foods that may affect your child’s energy levels e.g. dairy; wheat etc. If you do have any concerns about food intolerances – chat to your paediatrician about testing for these.
  • It is often helpful to give your child Omega supplements as these are important for good brain function! They are often found in concentration supplements that you can get in Pharmacies. Chat to the pharmacists about which are recommended products.
  • Screen activities like watching TV, playing computer or TV games, playing on an iPad etc should be limited to a maximum of 1 hour a day during the week if possible. These activities impact on a child’s ability to maintain active concentration.
  • Exercise is essential. A child should engage in exercise or physical activity every day if possible or at least 3 – 4 times a week.
  • Set times requirements that your child must adhere to when doing homework. Start with a short time period e.g. 10 minutes and use an egg timer to time your child.