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Bonding and Attachment.

Bonding with an adult is essential for forming attachment. Good attachment relationships with primary care-givers result in development of empathy, caring, sharing, inhibition of aggression and ability to form healthy future relationships.

Bonding and attachment also allow for improved self-regulation in young children and this helps them learn to regulate their emotions and responses to stress.

Spend lots of quality time with your child and incorporate the following into your daily routine:
• Sitting with her in your arms when she is relaxed and gently rocking her. This provides calming vestibular input which helps her to self-calm/ regulate herself.
• Giving her lots of firm hugs and cuddles. This provides deep pressure input which is regulatory and calming.
• Singing to her – calm, gentle songs when she is calm and rocking in your arms. Happy, fun songs when she is happy and engaging.
• Make lots of eye-contact with her!
• Use lots of facial expressions and different tones of voice to make her interested in looking at you.


Spend lots of time with her without the presence of TV, iPads, toys etc. The goal is for her to engage and interact with you as much as possible.